Dashmool Kwath Churna


Key Benefits-

  • Very useful in post-delivery pain to women.
  • Beneficial in fever, headache, joint pain etc.
  • Also eases in breathing and frequency of cough attacks and breathing troubles, especially that occurring at night.

Key Ingredients: Bilva, Agnimantha, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Salaparni, Prishnparni, Gokshura, Brahati, Kantakari

How to Use: 48 gm or as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:

Read the label carefully
Store in a cool and dry place
Keep out of the reach of children

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Dashmool Kwath Churna is known as a herbal decoction prepared using the roots of 10 drugs. Dasha means ten and Moola (Mula) means roots. Thus Dashmoola (Dashamula) means 10 roots. The kwath alleviates aggravated vata and kapha doshas and is useful in post-delivery complications. In this form, medicine gets easily absorbed in body. It helpful in post-partum problems. Dashmool Kwath Churna is also prescribed for fever, headache, cough, joint inflammation, gynaecological problems and other vata roga.

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