Medohar Guggul


Key Benefits:

  1. It helps to reduce fat 
  2. Decreases bad cholesterol levels in the body
  3. It helps boost metabolism
  4. It is used to treat fatty liver 
  5. It helps in treating arthritis

Key Ingredients:Saunth, Kali Mirch, Pippali, Chitrakmool, Nagarmotha, Harad, Bahera, Amla, Vayvidang, Guggal, Erand Talla

How To Use:  Take 2-4 Tablets twice a day with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician

Safety Information:

  1. Read the label carefully 
  2. Store in a cool and dry place
  3. Keep out of the reach of children 
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Deshrakshak Medohar Guggul is an ayurvedic remedy for fat metabolism, excess fat, and high BMI (Body Mass Index). This may help invigorate a person mentally and physically. Medohar is helpful in managing body weight and related complications.  It is useful in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body and fighting arthritis.

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80tab, 100gm, 500gm


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